Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Mommy....Even At Night

I easily hear my child especially when I’m sleep….

When I first became a mother, I worried that I wouldn’t wake up at night and hear when my daughter needed me….and that was an honest concern of mines! I knew that before children, when I was tired, I would be sound asleep once I hit the bed! The first couple of weeks home with my newborn, I barely got any sleep…not because of her keeping me up, but because I didn’t want to risk the chance of her needing me and I couldn’t wake up easily….

Once my husband realized what I was going through, he did his best to help me get the rest I needed and assured me that if she cried, one of us would hear her….

But now, that feeling is long gone and with me having another child recently, I don’t have those worries….
I respond to my child when I’m half awake and tend to her. Sometimes I will freak out, not remembering that I fed her during the night and that she’s alright…but it’s a relief!

…..And that’s why I prayed to God, asking the Holy Spirit to bless me with the eyes to see and ears to hear whatever my children need at night.

-          Mommy 24/7