Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Days after C-Section...Out & About

 Yesterday was the first day since my c-section that I went out (other than the trip home from the hospital). I know, I know…I should be taking it easy and believe me, I have been. But we had an appointment with Alanna’s doctor; the first appointment, and of course I’m thinking what?!?!? Already?!?!!? It seems like with my first child, the first initial appointment took forever to come and honestly, I can’t remember exactly when it was!! But, everything went well and we were already familiar with doctors, so it was an easy process!!

Now after we had planned to just stop by Target and pick up a couple more items for the kids, but it turned into a mall trip. Any other time, I love the mall…I love to shop, but yesterday…the mall was not my friend. We were out as a family and the baby was with us so you already know people wanted to talk and look at the baby, but I wasn’t all for standing around talking. My husband went into a couple of stores and I made him promise that he could go into different stores if only and I mean only if there are comfortable seats somewhere near or in the store. I was so serious too!! So he kept his word and when we were almost done, I started having pains near the incision. Stopping to wait until the pain eased up, I said a quick prayer asking God to please please please help me through the rest of this once joyful now painful shopping trip and he did.

When we were checking out in Target the cashier told me congrats and asked how old she was. I said a couple of days, her face was shocked and she said ‘oh my gosh and you’re up and out??!?!?’ I smiled and said yes…..

Today I’m tired but trying to get back into the swing of things..but the journey of taking care of 2 under 2 begins…all suggestions, comments and advice is welcomed J