Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Dentist Appt :-)

My daughter’s first dentist appointment was back in June of this year and it was…….unbelievably calm. Now when I’d spoken to other parents, they described their child’s experience as being “horrifying” with screaming, yelling and kicking – something that I had begun to prepare myself to brace for! But no, not my toddler, not Kay.

So we went in, signed in and Kay went to play in the waiting room. Only waiting about ten minutes, I was already nervous as I watched other children leave, some happy and others were clearly upset. Finally our names were called.

She sat so patiently in the chair waiting for the dentist to check her teeth and look, I was able to snap photos as waited:

Even once the dentist came to check and clean her teeth, she cooperated. Since she loved the dentist so much, they rewarded her with toys: a tea set, teddy bear and sunglasses. Now I only hope and pray that these trips continue to be peaceful!!!

♥ Mom who doesn’t like the dentist herself!!