Monday, August 12, 2013

And….we’re home :-)

We were released this morning right before noon. And I can’t even tell you how excited I was to leave!! I mean, I enjoyed my stay because the hospital was really nice!!! I’d known a couple of the nurses from when I had my oldest child, so that helped to make an even more home like feeling at the hospital. I woke up this morning early, laid in the bed for a while and watched television. Funny enough, A Baby Story was on TLC. Eventually, I got up, washed up and put on real clothes – yay!! Hospital look out the door! – no messy pony tail hair or plain hospital robe! I put on a really cute but comfortable dress and prepared to leave…

This was the first time in a long time that I actually got some rest. That relaxing, peaceful feeling that goes on for hours…something us mothers can’t always find, especially when we feel like we need it the most. While I had numb legs and sore incisions, I still appreciated the calm, serene mood, almost like a spa pregnancy without the massage (which was definitely needed!).

One of the first things that I couldn’t wait to do was eat food…like real food!! Being on an iv for a day, then a clear liquid only diet for another day…you could understand my hunger! Now, I’ll admit that the hospital that I stayed in had pretty good ‘hospital quality’ food, especially breakfast, but there’s nothing like a good ol’ home cooked meal!! So..the first meal I had was my mother’s fried chicken steak and gravy…let me tell you it was ooooh soooo yummy!!! I honestly savored every single bite and I mean EVERY SINGLE!!!! I have to get her to write down the recipe so I can share it with you all J

I’m excited to see how this first night will turn out…two kids..under the age of 2…one can talk and one can make sounds…hmmmm….someone pray for me J But now I am realizing how important it is to make sure that your other child (children) does not feel left out….and of course that’s a another topic to discuss...but I will get back to my infant and toddler as I just heard my toddler tell my infant, “eat baby eat”…who knows what that could mean J haha….

-          New Mommy (Again)