Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paintin’ N’ A Tastin’

This is the perfect solution for toddlers who love to paint but constantly put their fingers in their mouth 

Homemade Edible Paint

Plain Yogurt
Kool Aid Packets
Paper Plate
Spoon to Mix Paint
Your Toddler’s Hands


Put a spoonful of yogurt on the plate; depending on how many colors you want, make sure you leave space between each little yogurt drop. Add kool aid, about half a packet to one of the yogurt piles and mix until it produces the color you want. Repeat until all of the colors you and your toddler likes are created.

Once every color is created, you’re done and it’s time for your toddler to explore!!!

I loved this little project because you can also use it as a time to learn; identifying colors, smells, tastes and mixing to get other colors!

Now, I will tell you that our fingers ended up being stained, but don’t worry! You can easily remove kool aid stains on your fingers with any toothpaste! (Really!!! Any kind works!!) And most importantly, it’s safe for your little one’s skin!!