Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teaching Your Toddler About Their New Sibling “To Be” (When you’re expecting)

As soon as I started showing, I began to teach my daughter about her new sibling. I know a lot of people, including family members and friends, said that she wouldn’t understand, that she’s “too young”. BUT I have reason to believe otherwise.

Every opportunity I had, I would bring her along with me to my gyn and sonogram appointments. I even showed her pictures of the sonograms and explained that it’s a baby and yes it’s in mommy’s tummy.

So…for those of you who are expecting little ones and already had toddlers, here are some really good tips for teaching your toddler:

·         Show your child sonogram pictures

·         Take your child to your doctors and sonogram appointments

o   Let them see the screen as the nurses “check out” your baby

o   Let them hear the baby’s heart beat

·         If you have infant baby dolls, show your child and let them practice using diapers and bottles

·         Most importantly, let your child be involved

Do you have any tips or advice for teaching your toddler about the new baby?