Saturday, August 24, 2013

Growing up but staying young

It's almost like a contradiction....grow up but stay reminds me of when people say never loose your youth, which I've heard so many times. 

Over the past 7 years I've found that I've grown so much as a person. First of all, its weird for me to say that I graduated high school seven years ago...I feel so old (even though a lot of you are like what???? You're young! Ha ha) and it is simply amazing to see the change. I wish I would of documented everything back then, but while everything is still fresh on my mind. In just seven years, I had a couple of different jobs, was in college and was trying to find myself....who I am, not really realizing that I had found me but was maturing over time. I also met the love of my life, which came a couple of months after I had told myself that I would focus or look or accept any other relationships. Thinking back on it, I was 'swept off my feet' and I didn't know it.... And even after a couple of years of dating we became really serious and had our first child together....

Even with all of the changes and causes for me to mature I know for a fact that I haven't lost my youth...some people focus so much on rushing to grow up not taking the time to cherish every moment...I realized that yes, I do want to grow up and it will happen eventually but I need to enjoy my life..and that's what I've been doing ever since. 

Being a mother of two children, I found it to be important that while I am teaching and disciplining them, I also have to enjoy life with them. With my oldest daughter before the younger one came, we would always do fun activities together. I would run around with her at the park, pretend to play store, have a tea party or picnic, jump on the bed and even when we go to Chuckie Cheese, run around and play in the ball pit with her. I wanted her to know that yes, I am mommy but I will play and get silly with was only right and honestly fun. 

As a mom...if there could be any advice that I could give other new mothers, it would be to enjoy life and have fun with your children. Don't get too caught up in being a "grown up".