Thursday, August 22, 2013

What did mommy say???

So…I know all of you ‘moms like myself’ have experienced a time when your child has wanted something, whether it’s a toy, treat such as candy, cookies or chips. Well…what do you do when they continue to ask for it when you’ve already said no?????? What about when you tell them no and they ask their father???
I can tell you that even though my daughter isn’t two yet, I’ve experienced this MANY times!!! And she does it ALL the time and I catch her 95% of the time.

So the other day, Kay wanted a cookie. I explained to her that if and only if she finished ALL of her lunch, she could get a cookie….BUT she didn’t. She ate half of her lunch, pushed it aside and asked for a cookie. My response: “No. You didn’t eat all of your lunch. Finish eating and you will get a cookie.” She sits there for a couple of minutes then proceeds to push her plate back further onto the table.

I walked back into the kitchen and apparently, her father walked downstairs. I heard Kay and her father talking, but I couldn’t hear exactly what was going on. Then, he came into the kitchen and grabbed 2 cookies. I followed him out of the kitchen and as he was about to hand her the cookies I said, “don’t give her a cookie.” He asked why and I responded “she didn’t eat all of her lunch and I told her to finish but she refused.”

He gave me a look that said “sorry I didn’t know what occurred before I came downstairs” and reiterated to Kay that she needed to eat her lunch before she was given any cookies.
And…just like that----Kay used her daughter powers to try and get what mommy said she couldn’t!

Mommy – 1

Daughter - 0