Saturday, August 10, 2013

C-Section Was A Success

The baby is here!!!! Bright and early yesterday morning my second child,Alanna, was born at 8:22 am.

As the nurses helped to prepare me for surgery, I became nervous and anxious - I just wanted to fast forward to the part where I enjoy the baby....not all of this other stuff.

The room I stayed in felt and looked like a bedroom, it was comfortable and seemed soundproof, which was A major plus!! It had a rocking chair, extra chairs, paintings and a flat screen tv, among other things.

Now, I'm on the road to recovery from the c-section and it has been a difficult task to do. I will be honest and say that once the numbness completely wore off, I felt like someone was constantly stabbing my lower abdomen over and over again. I was very stiff and thankful for the "leg sleeves" the hospital provided which helped to keep the blood circulating and massaged my legs for over 24 hours.

The first time I had to get out of the bed I could of sworn that my feet had cement blocks on them. I felt dizzy, uneasy and so much pain, but I know in order to recooperate, I have to take baby steps to get back to being 100%, well close.

I have to admit that I missed being on the internet, blogging and tweeting but I am enjoying being a "new mom" again.