Monday, August 5, 2013

From Our Bed Back to Her Own: Transitioning my daughter back to her own bed and not feeling guilty

Well, I have to be honest, since my daughter was an infant, I’ve loved resting with her…that oh so addictive yummy baby smell. – Hey, I know I’m not the only mother who is in love with the smell of a baby!! But as my daughter got older, she somehow got on a schedule of laying with me when it was time for her to go to sleep at night.  Of course I wouldn’t tell her no because whenever she laid with me, she was knocked out within minutes, sometimes seconds- I couldn’t complain.

But I will admit, after a couple of months it got bad…to the point where she didn’t want to be put in her crib at all! That not only affected our cuddling and intimate time, but made it so that we barely laid together at all.

To make things even more complicated, I was expecting again! I wanted to cuddle at night so my hubby could rub my back, tummy and feet, but with a 1 year old in the bed with you, that was not going to happen! We were faced with a top secret (sort of) special task – operation get Kay to go nite-nite in Kay’s Bed! Now, I will admit that this was not and I repeat WAS NOT an easy task!

It took night after night of attempting to tire her out to the point where we could put her straight in the bed. Finally after months of trying, she is in her own bed – no if, ans, or buts about it! Every night I say “time to go nite-nite in your bed” and she gives kisses and we put her in the bed and she sleeps ----ALL NIGHT!!!!!

…I feel so accomplished and I’m glad that this hurdle is over…

…now on to the next one J