Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yesterday was my daughter’s 2nd birthday and we had her birthday party on Sunday. Let me just quickly tell you that it was fun and I am still in recovery mode!
There were a lot of kids, even though some of her cousins around her age were unable to make it.

Since she loves Dora, we had a Dora themed party; decorations, balloons, table cloth, banners, streamers, signs- everything was Dora, even her cupcakes. She received a lot of clothes, toys and money, which she was very very excited about.

Everyone played outside,  running around getting out our energy until I heard a ‘boom’, followed by a brief loud cry. It was my daughter and of course she had to be the one to fall on the sidewalk and bust her lip. But you know, she actually didn’t cry as long as I expected. Her father carried her in the house and told me that she was fine before I started freaking out. Of course being a mother, I had to find out for myself and she said ‘mommy I fell’ and laughed. Oh…if only they could live in bubbles or be covered in non popping bubble wrap to prevent accidents like this one…haha.

It seemed like the closer we got to her birthday, the more advanced she seemed. It was weird because I remember her just beginning to talk now she’s speaking much clearer and even recognizing and stating emotions and feelings.

So this morning, about 5:45 am, she wakes me up, “mommy, I have to go potty”. I thought she was playing but I got up and took her to the bathroom. I placed her on the toilet and she peed! (Very Proud Mommy Moment) And surprisingly, her pull-up wasn’t wet at all!!

Reflecting back on everything is when I realized….my own baby is growing up.