Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bidding Summer Adieu

Wait…what??? Summer’s over already? I can’t believe it! Where in the world has time gone??? I remember the first day of summer, I dreaded it because I was pregnant and heat simply wasn’t my best friend. But my daughter could finally enjoy running around outside without a heavy coat or a jacket, which she would attempt to take off anyways…

So many trips to the park….running around (actually only my daughter, I was wobbling around)…chasing down the ice cream truck because we HAD TO HAVE ice cream…trips to the aquarium…ahhh so much fun!!

Now that it’s a new season, I like to think back and reflect on everything that has been accomplished where I was in life and where I am now…. Have I fulfilled my short term goals or have I forgotten them, leaving those ‘promises’ empty?? I can tell you that before summer started I knew I wanted to start blogging but never thought I’d actually start it and enjoy it as much as I do. I also had become a SAHM (stay at home mom)…which from me being a workaholic in the past, it’s something I’d never imagined that I’d do..but of course I love it! Even back then, I’d thought about working from home, but I didn’t move on it, which honestly, I wish I would of but we can’t look back only forward.

And as it ends I have a new addition, a wonderful blessing to my family. I thank God because even though I’m not exactly where I want myself and family to be, I know that he, God, has a plan for our lives….

Bye Bye summer…hello fall