Friday, September 27, 2013

Busy Isn't The Word

Caution: This post contains very strenuous activities which may cause yawning, drowsiness and the urge to take a nap.

Wake up. Feed baby. Burp baby. Express milk. Rock baby to sleep. Make breakfast. Feed Self. Wake up toddler. Help toddler go potty. Feed toddler. Play with toddler. Repeat.

That perfectly explains my morning and day as I’ve tried balancing everything, every task that I have to complete. The past week has been the some of the busiest days that I’ve ever seen. Yesterday was like a complete blur! I had a phone interview for a WAH (work at home) evening position at 1:00 pm so I was determined to get everything done before then! To make things worse, we got a late start so that made for an even more rush!

I rushed around the kitchen with the baby in one arm, trying to figure out what I would make my toddler to eat for breakfast as she’s screaming, ‘mommy I want peanut butter sandwich’. So I just decide that she will have to be content with cereal.

As I’m pouring her cereal and milk, the baby begins to whine so I quickly sit my toddler down to eat and rush to the couch to feed the baby, then rock her to sleep. Forgetting that I have to wash my toddler’s hair, I quickly take out her hair wishing that I’d chosen an easier hair style- let’s just say never again! Then I glance at the clock, already an hour has flown by and yes I literally mean flown.
With the baby sleep, I clean up the kitchen, put the dishes away and grab a bite to eat. 

By bite, I mean a full meal because I’m starving and felt like I haven’t eaten in days. Then it’s bath time! Whoever said that baths make children relaxed and help settle them down for bed did not mention the exceptions- my kids! Even when my toddler was an infant, baths would wake her up, almost like giving her a boost of energy and her sister is the exact same way! So no more night time baths, only day time until proven otherwise. Haha.

So after both children were bathed, it was time to feed the baby again and the toddler plays until I finish. Once I’m done, we have our school lessons (which are going really well! She can spell her name all by herself correctly! Yay!) then we play together. I always try to make time for us to spend together, usually playing which turns into ‘no mommy I’ll show you how to play my way’. She’s such a little mommy!!

I hurry to put the clothes in the dryer and race towards the kitchen to make lunch for my toddler. She sits down to eat lunch and I quickly style her hair. She finishes and says ‘mommy I go nite nite. I’m tired’. You guys don’t know how relieved I was to hear this! That meant no repeating ‘kay lay down and close your eyes’ over and over!

I was left with 15 minutes to re-group and prepare for my interview.
As I’m reflecting on my day yesterday and technically venting to you guys, I cannot help but to yawn. I don’t know how I did it, but I did and a lot was accomplished.

How do you manage your day?