Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Pictures Please

Hey, am I the only one who thinks pictures = disclosure form needed?? I mean, I don’t want to seem ‘uppity’, uptight or as if we’re ‘too good’ for anyone else to take pictures of us because we’re not! We’re some of the humblest people, well we try to be. But it honestly bothers me when people take pictures of my children.

----Let’s get real for a second…
yes I know that they’re adorable and of course I thank God for that. I know I take LOTS  & LOTS of pictures, but of course I am mommy so I have all and every right. I’m not so fond of others taking pictures…why???

First of all, distribution. I know people want to see pictures and want others to see, but I’d highly appreciate it if you’d leave that in my hands. Anyone who wants to see my babies should ask me – it’s as simple as that. Now I don’t want to seem hostile either, but you’d understand and agree with me too if you only knew….

A couple of months after my first daughter was born, it was a picture taking extravaganza! Can you say overwhelming, annoying, crowded and everything was suffocating! Kind of like a huge paparazzi crew that all came at once. I was a new mother and I wanted to enjoy my time with my newborn, what’s wrong with that?!?!

Well, with all of the pictures being taken I couldn’t keep track of who took what, where and when! About a week later, I logged onto Facebook and saw someone had posted a picture of my child. I looked at the profile because I wasn’t friends with them and I didn’t know them, but we had common friends. I can’t begin to tell you how mad I was! I immediately reported the picture on Facebook and sent a message to the mutual friend.

I was extremely upset! Why in the world did the person feel the need to repost MY picture?!?!? And they didn’t even know me personally?!?!

Needless to say, that’s my reason why I say, no pictures please.....