Monday, September 16, 2013

Why I Blog

When I initially made the decision to blog, my heart wasn’t into it. I had another blog under another name; which I recently deleted after abandoning it for weeks. This blog was horrible because I didn’t put my heart into it. So I left it alone for a couple of weeks…
and I didn’t check on it or even attempt to write another post.

But that wasn’t the end….I loved writing in general: letters, stories, plays, etc. So I knew that I just couldn’t stop because my first attempt was unsuccessful. I decided to purchase a journal and write…write when I was happy, write when I was stressed, write when I was sad. And surprisingly, this method worked. I was beginning to form ideas, bring up memories and put stories together based on my experiences. I wanted my blog to come off as a conversation; when you read my posts, I wanted to give the feel of personality and leave you with an idea of how I am as a person (which hopefully, I’m doing a good job J ).

On my quest to start a new blog, the first thing I had to do was come up with a creative name. I wanted a name that wasn’t common, but explained the jest of what my blog would be about. Having one daughter, who was almost a toddler and expecting another, I almost had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. That’s when I came up with Cookies, Milk, Sippy Cups and Bottles. Cookies representing my toddler’s favorite snack. Milk representing both regular cow’s milk and breast milk. Sippy cups representing my toddler. Bottles representing my other newborn daughter.

I can admit that I was a little nervous when I first started blogging again. I wondered if I’d be judged or if anyone would read it or would it be another failure. I researched other major blogs and joined lots of blog communities and learned that I wasn’t alone in this crazy blogging boat of mines. Ahhhhhh – can I say very relieved?!?!?! Interacting with others, especially mothers like me, it was nice to make connections, share stories and worries.

Here I am today, having written about 30 posts and counting. I feel proud of myself and only hope that I will continue in the future only to look back on this blog years later…..