Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh no...she knows what lip gloss is.....

Anytime my purse is within her reach, I find my daughter in it. In my head, I’m thinking ‘nooooo!!!! It’s not time for that stage yet!!!’ Most times when I catch her I say, “Kay, don’t go in mommy’s purse please!” And she moves away quickly, almost to say ‘I wasn’t doing anything’. LOL. But this one particular time I waited and watched her,
without making a sound to see what the fascination was with ‘mommy’s bag of junk’. She searched and searched, looking around in my purse until she stopped. She had something in her hand, but I couldn’t really see what that mystery object was.

The mommy in me panicked a little at first, hoping she didn’t have anything harmful such as my nail file or my mace. I tip toed closer only to find that she had….MY LIPGLOSS!!!!! Out of all the random objects in my purse…my lip gloss!! I was amazed because I even had snacks in my purse and she didn’t touch those at all!

Now that I knew what she had, I didn’t scold her or fuss…I simply said, ‘Kay, what do you have in your hand?’ She laughed and turned around showing me the lip gloss she had taken out of my purse, opened, applied to her lips (Yes! Applied to her lips perfectly!!!), screwed the cap back on and now held in her hand.

The lip gloss, the screw on top lip gloss that I now know that she had the motor skills to open and close it back…I mean really??? I know that I’ve put it on in front of her a couple of times, so I definitely know that she’s watching me closely!

I have to admit that this was the cutest thing ever! I only wish I’d taken a picture at the time to capture that moment to show her when she got older..but I’m left with the memory of her first experience with lip gloss….