Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Little Social Butterfly

My daughter’s not even two yet and she loves people. No – I mean really loves!!! Not that I see anything wrong with it except I’m not really social when it comes to being in public!! My husband isn’t either and we have no clue how we’ve made such a ‘socially involved’ child. I laugh because I told my husband that if she could read, write and use the computer, she would love twitter, facebook and any other social media outlet.

Ever since she could talk and by that I mean make any type of sounds, she would attempt to ‘greet’ every single person. At church she’s our greeter. I call her baby ‘church usher’ because she says hello to everyone and yes I mean everyone! My husband and I use to be able to actually sit and enjoy church service but she was such a ‘good’ distraction to other people…making people laugh..talking with them..playing with them…that I’ve settled with taking her to the active children’s room where we can still hear service, but she can run around and play.

At the grocery store, sitting in the cart, she grabs everyone’s attention. And the best part about it is hearing ‘oh my gosh you’re so adorable, you’ve made my day’. Kay loves it..she loves all the attention!

And everyone always asks us if she’s always this happy and my response…yes. Even when she’s upset, yes she frowns but it doesn’t last long…when she gets in trouble or is upset she cries but it doesn’t last long…when she gets a shot she cries but smiles and says thank you to the nurse when they are done…

…that’s my toddler…I wouldn’t trade her for the world…