Friday, September 20, 2013

Funny Toddler Lingo

Say What?!?

Just yesterday, I was talking with my daughter, asking her what she wanted to do next. We always have ‘school’ where I teach her the basics and each day we add another activity. So she responded, ‘mommy colors and open shut please’.
Now, most people would assume that she just asked to work on identifying colors; red, yellow, blue, green, etc. and practice jumping jacks; opening and shutting legs, but not exactly.

When my daughter asks for ‘colors’, she is asking for crayons and ‘open shut’ are scissors! I laughed when I heard her say this because it’s cute that she came up with those nicknames for those objects. The open shut came from how I’ve taught her to use her scissors and showing her that they open and shut to cut paper.

My daughter also tends to use the word more after she states what she wants, saying it backwards technically. When she wants more juice she’ll say, ‘mommy juice please more’. Of course I always correct her and she says it correctly.

It’s adorable when you see your toddler’s language skills improve, how they pick up not only what you say, but put their own little twist on it.

What funny lingo have you heard your toddler say?